Dene-Yeniseian Connection, The

By: Kari, James ; Potter, Ben A. ; Vajda, Edward J.

ISBN: 978-0-615-43296-0

Date: 2011

This volume, originally published as the Anthropological Papers of the University of Alaska, New Series, Vol. 5 (1-2), discusses the apparent link between the Athabascan languages of North America with an enclave of languages along the Yenisei River in central Siberia. The lead paper is by Edward J. Vajda, who details potential grammatical and lexical cognates between these language families. Eighteen papers plus an introduction and appendix appear in the book. Contributors are Bernard Comrie, Edward J. Vajda, G. Richard Scott, Dennis O'Rourke, Ben A. Potter, Jeff Leer, James Kari, John W. Ives, Sally Rice, Yuri E. Berezkin, Alexandra Kim-Maloney, Eric P. Hamp, Johanna Nichols, Michael Fortescue, Andrej A. Kibrik, Willem J. de Reuse, John W. Ives, and Don Dumond.

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