ANLC publishes Nunivak ethnobotany

Nuniwami Navcit Cenallat-llu / Nunivak Plant & Seashore Life: The Ethnobotany of the Nuniwarmiut Eskimo, Nunivak Island, Alaska is the product of the knowledge and memories of Nuniwarmiut Taqnelluit, the elders of the Mekoryuk community in southwestern Alaska.  Available today for $20.00  

ANLC publishes Ahtna anthology

Yenida'a Tah, Ts'utsaede, K'adiide / Mythical Times, Ancient Times, Recent Times: An Anthology of Ahtna Narratives tells stories steeped in the Ahtna culture of south-central Alaska. James Kari and Siri G. Tuttle spent decades compiling, transcribing and translating the stories. Kari is a professor emeritus of linguistics, and Tuttle is a linguistics professor and director of the Alaska Native Language Center. The anthology, illustrated with photos and maps, is available for $30.00.