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Transitioning from CDs to USB Drives

All audios and programs will no longer be offered on CD disks. Instead encrypted USB drive fob with a copy of the audio or program is now avaliable. 

The e-store have 14 audios and/or short program for purchase, as a stand alone purchase for $10 each or to buy with book that accompany it. Please reach out to uaf-anlc@alaska.edu with any questions regarding audio files or the use of USB drives.

F.A.Q. section coming soon.

SPECIAL NOTE: There will be a delay of up to 2 weeks for shipping posters due to shortage in mailing tubes.

ANLC Publication Spotlight

Yenida'a Tah, Ts'utsaede, K'adiide / Mythical Times, Ancient Times, Recent Times: An Anthology of Ahtna Narratives tells stories steeped in the Ahtna culture of south-central Alaska. James Kari and Siri G. Tuttle spent decades compiling, transcribing and translating the stories. Kari is a professor emeritus of linguistics, and Tuttle is a linguistics professor and director of the Alaska Native Language Center. The anthology, illustrated with photos and maps, is available for $30.00.