How the Atkans Talk (Niigugis Mataliin Tununxtazangis)

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By: Berge, Anna ; Dirks, Moses

ISBN: 978-55500-096-7

Date: 2008

The Atkan Conversational Grammar is primarily intended for the Unganax people, especially for those who want to gain familiarity with their language of heritage. It was conceived as a phrasebook and then expanded to include grammatical and cultural explanations of features found in each section. The work begins with the most basic and useful phrases, such as greetings and introductions, and gradually increases in complexity to encompass the language of both traditional and modern life.

In addition, the work includes an Unganax-English/English-Unganax lexicon, a summary of the grammar introduced, and seven accompanying CDs with the voice of Moses Dirks reading the phrases found in the book. With set of seven CDs, sold separately. Includes illustrations, photos, index.

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