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Welcome to the Symmetries in Graphs, Maps, and Polytopes Workshop 2022 store!

In addition to the workshop registration fee, you may also purchase and reserve your lodging here, as well as reserve a spot on the workshop excursion for Wednesday July 13, 2022. Details on each are in the item descriptions below.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the workshop organizers.


  • Lots of flights into Fairbanks happen at weird hours. If your flight comes in at 1:00 AM on July 10, and you are planning on staying at the hotel that night, you must book for July 9 (nights are associated with the calendar day the night starts on).
  • To pay for the hotel and qualify for the tax free rate, you must do so by May 15, 2022 through this site.
  • Reservations for on-campus lodging must be made by June 22.
  • If you want to make a reservation for lodging now, but pay for the lodging later, please contact the workshop organizers to make arragnments. 
  • After you make your selections, you will be asked to provide some information we will be using in our reporting to the NSF.

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