Proceedings of the 2018 Dene Languages Conference


Data : 2019

Papers: “Coyote as Teacher, Theorist, and Agent of Language Resurgence: Reflections on the Xontehł-taw Na:tinixwe Mixine:whe’ Immersion Camp,” by Sara Chase, Ashtyn Colegrove, Jenna Hailey, Jessica McKinnon, Melissa Sanchez, and Erika Tracy; “Surveying the Functions of Hupa =gya’,” by Ramón Escamilla; “Websites for Dene Texts: Deg Xinag, Witsuwit’en, Kwadacha Tsek’ene,” by Sharon Hargus; The Full ~ Reduced Vowel Contrast in Tetsǫ́t’ıné: Evidence for an 8 Vowel System,” by Alessaandro Jaker; “Lexware, Dene Band Labels, and Recent Alaska Dene Lexicography Work,” by James Kari; Building Corpora for Two Northern Athabaskan Languages: Hän and Dene Dháh,” by Ashleigh Surma. From a conference May 31 to June 2, 2018, in Smith River, California.

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