The Schetic Categories of Tlingit Verb

By: Leer, Jeff


Date: 1991

An analysis of verbs in Tlingit, a U.S. Northwest Coast Indian language, begins with an overview of its situation and usage and of previous research. The second chapter sketches its phonological and syntactic characteristics. Subsequent chapters deal specifically with the verb. An analysis of verb categories distinguishes two groups: argumental and schetic. Two chapters then outline verb morphology: the verb complex (preradical and postradical elements) and morphophonological processes that act on the verb stem and verbal affixes. Chapter 6 describes the formal structure of the inflectional schetic categories, showing the morphological makeup of the categories and their combinations, illustrating with a sample conjugation of the verb "to eat." Lexical and aspectual categories are described and illustrated, and a listing of productive aspectual derivatives is offered, in chapter 7. Chapter 8 examines in detail the semantic properties of the Tlingit schetic categories, exemplifying them with excerpts from available texts.

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