Working Papers in Athabaskan Languages 2010

Working Papers in Athabaskan Languages 2010

By: Tuttle, Siri ; Lovick, Olga


Date: 2011

Chapters: 1. "Losing Control in a Navajo Poem: On the Ethnopoetics of an Expressive Feature in a Poem by Rex Lee Jim," Blackhorse Mitchell and Anthony Webster; 2. "A Study of Durativity and Telicity in the Koyukon Dictionary," Laurie Poulson; 3. "The Upper Tanana Athabascan Vowel System: Taking a Snapshot of a Language," Olga Lovick; 4. "Effects on Consonant Duration in Kwadacha Tsek'ene," Sharon Hargus; 5. "The Phonetics of Transparency in Kaska Vowel Harmony," Gunnar Ólafur Hansson and Patrick J. Moore; 6. "That's That" The Grammaticalization of Demonstratives in Eyak," Chris Donlay; 7. "Tlingit Loanword Adaptation," James Crippen and Ryan Denzer-King; 8. "Insubordination in Tlingit: An Areal Effect?" Seth Cable.

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